res gestae

plural noun res ges·tae \ˈrās-ˈges-ˌtī, ˈrēz-ˈjes-(ˌ)tē\

Definition of res gestae

  1. :  things done; especially :  the facts that form the environment of a litigated issue and are admissible in evidence

Origin and Etymology of res gestae


First Known Use: 1616

Law Dictionary

res gestae

noun plural res ges·tae \ˈrās-ˈges-ˌtī, ˈrēz-ˈjes-ˌtē\

Legal Definition of res gestae

  1. 1 :  the acts, facts, circumstances, statements, or occurrences that form the environment of a main act or event and especially of a crime and are so closely connected to it that they constitute part of a continuous transaction and can serve to illustrate its character the decedent's statement…was too far removed in time and place to be admissible as part of the res gestaeLynch v. State, 552 N.E.2d 56 (1990)

  2. 2a :  an exception or set of exceptions to the hearsay rule that permits the admission of hearsay evidence regarding excited utterances or declarations relating to mental, emotional, or bodily states or sense impressions of a witness or participant — compare dying declaration and spontaneous declaration at declaration 2c, excited utterance Editor's note: Res gestae in common law encompassed a variety of different exceptions to the hearsay rule, but most modern rules of evidence (as the Federal Rules of Evidence) have abandoned use of res gestae and specify the different exceptions on their own terms. b :  an exception to the exclusionary rule against the use of other crimes as evidence that permits such use when another crime is closely enough connected to the one in dispute as to form part of a continuous episode or transaction

Origin and Etymology of res gestae

Latin, things done, deeds

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