pull a stunt

Definition of pull a stunt


  1. :  to do something foolish or dangerous Don't ever pull a stunt like that again!

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to exert force upon so as to cause or tend to cause motion toward the force

    :  to stretch (cooling candy) repeatedly

    :  to strain abnormally

  1. :  the act or an instance of pulling

    :  a draft of liquid

    :  an inhalation of smoke

  1. :  to hinder the normal growth, development, or progress of

  1. :  one (as an animal) that is stunted

    :  a check in growth

    :  a disease of plants (as corn) in which dwarfing occurs

  1. :  an unusual or difficult feat requiring great skill or daring

    :  one performed or undertaken chiefly to gain attention or publicity

    :  a shifting or switching of the positions by defensive players at the line of scrimmage in football to disrupt the opponent's blocking efforts

  1. :  to perform or engage in a stunt

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