noun se·de·runt \sə-ˈdir-ənt, -ˈder-\

Definition of sederunt

  1. :  a prolonged sitting (as for discussion)

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Did You Know?

Sederunt was summonsed by members of the Scottish Court of Session and other deliberative bodies during the 17th century to refer to the list of people present at meetings and to the "sittings" themselves. The word sat in deliberation for some time before being called upon by the general public as a word for any prolonged sitting, whether for relaxation, reading, casual discussion, or the like. Sederunt proved to be the right choice because it derives from Latin sedēre, meaning "to sit."

Origin and Etymology of sederunt

Latin, there (they) sat (from sedēre to sit), word used to introduce list of those attending a session — more at sit

First Known Use: 1825

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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