adjective lo·qua·cious \lō-ˈkwā-shəs\

Definition of loquacious

  1. 1 :  full of excessive talk :  wordy

  2. 2 :  given to fluent or excessive talk :  garrulous





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Examples of loquacious in a sentence

  1. … long-cultivated dislikes and resentments, combined with a general expectation of coming apocalypse. He talked about these topics in a manner that managed to be tight-lipped and loquacious at the same time. —Ian Frazier, New Yorker, 22 & 29 Dec. 2003

  2. … the flaw of the genre is not in betraying the loquacious John Williams and the chatty Father Foucquet, but in failing to schedule an interview with the reticent Eunice Williams and the tongue-tied John Hu. —Jill Lepore, Journal of American History, June 2001

  3. With a wonderful memory for detail, this talkative woman—who my father said never forgets anything—became truly loquacious. —Joseph A. Amato, Dust, 2000

  4. a loquacious and glib politician

  5. the loquacious host of a radio talk show

  6. One of our neighbors, a man named (let's say) Len Dodd, parked his car there, too. Len Dodd had moved here from Southern California, where he had been a policeman. He had been inspired to move by various long-cultivated dislikes and resentments, combined with a general expectation of coming apocalypse. He talked about these topics in a manner that managed to be tight-lipped and loquacious at the same time. —"By the Road" P. 108, Ian Frazier, THE NEW YORKER Vol. LXXIX No. 40, December 22 & 29, 2003

  7. Fern, who had now owned Jebediah Dickinson for some weeks, had little to say, which was unusual for the loquacious teacher among three of her former students who saw her as one of the primary influences in their lives. —“Chapter 9” P. 286, THE KNOWN WORLD, Edward P. Jones, Amistad, Harper Collins Publishers, NY, NY 813.54 J66 © 2003

  8. Some people are phlegmatic, some highly strung. Some are anxious, others risk-seeking. Some are confident, others shy. Some are quiet, others loquacious. We call these differences personality, a word that means more than just character. It means the innate and individual element in character. —“Personality” P. 161, GENOME, Matt Ridley, HarperCollins Pub. 599.9 R43g 1999

  9. As for the usually loquacious Arianna, her only public comment was gracious but uncharacteristically low-key. “I wish him well,” she said, “and my only concern is that he is a good father to our children.” —“Pols” P. 114, Bill Hewitt et al., PEOPLE WEEKLY Vol. 50 No. 23, December 21, 1998

Did You Know?

When you hear or say loquacious, you might notice that the word has a certain poetic ring. In fact, poets quickly snatched up loquacious soon after its debut in 1656 and, with poetic license, stretched its meaning to include such things as the chattering of birds and the babbling of brooks. In less poetic uses, loquacious usually means "excessively talkative." The ultimate source of all this chattiness is loqui, a Latin verb meaning "to speak." Other words descended from loqui include colloquial, eloquent, soliloquy, and ventriloquism.

Origin and Etymology of loquacious

Latin loquac-, loquax, from loqui to speak

First Known Use: 1656

Synonym Discussion of loquacious

talkative, loquacious, garrulous, voluble mean given to talk or talking. talkative may imply a readiness to engage in talk or a disposition to enjoy conversation a talkative neighbor. loquacious suggests the power of expressing oneself articulately, fluently, or glibly a loquacious spokesperson. garrulous implies prosy, rambling, or tedious loquacity garrulous traveling companions. voluble suggests a free, easy, and unending loquacity a voluble raconteur.

LOQUACIOUS Defined for English Language Learners


adjective lo·qua·cious \lō-ˈkwā-shəs\

Definition of loquacious for English Language Learners

  • : liking to talk and talking smoothly and easily

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