verb in·duce \ in-ˈdüs , -ˈdyüs \
Updated on: 9 Feb 2018

Definition of induce

induced; inducing
transitive verb
1 a : to move by persuasion or influence
b : to call forth or bring about by influence or stimulation
2 a : effect, cause
b : to cause the formation of
c : to produce by induction
  • induct an electric current
3 : to determine by induction; specifically : to infer from particulars

Examples of induce in a Sentence

  1. The advertisement is meant to induce people to eat more fruit.

  2. No one knows what induced him to leave.

  3. Her illness was induced by overwork.

  4. They will induce labor to avoid complications.

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Did You Know?

Inducing is usually gentle persuasion; you may, for instance, induce a friend to go to a concert, or induce a child to stop crying. An inducement is something that might lure you to do something, though inducements are occasionally a bit menacing, like the Godfather's offer that you can't refuse. Induce also sometimes means "produce;" thus, doctors must at times induce labor in a pregnant woman. Notice that induct and induction are somewhat different from induce and inducement, though they come from the identical roots.

Origin and Etymology of induce

Middle English, from Anglo-French inducer, from Latin inducere, from in- + ducere to lead — more at 1tow

INDUCE Defined for English Language Learners



Definition of induce for English Language Learners

  • : to cause (someone or something) to do something

  • : to cause (something) to happen or exist

  • medical : to give (a pregnant woman) special medicine in order to make her give birth : to cause (labor or birth) to begin by giving special drugs to a pregnant woman

INDUCE Defined for Kids


verb in·duce \ in-ˈdüs , -ˈdyüs \

Definition of induce for Students

induced; inducing
1 : to cause to do something
  • Her pleas induced us to give.
2 : to bring about
  • Warm milk induces sleepiness.
3 : to produce (as an electric current) by induction

Word Root of induce

The Latin word ducere, meaning “to lead,” and its form ductus give us the roots duc and duct. Words from the Latin ducere have something to do with leading. A duct is a tube that leads from one place or organ to another. To educate, or teach, is to lead to knowledge. To induce is to lead into a particular state.

Medical Dictionary


transitive verb in·duce \ in-ˈd(y)üs \

medical Definition of induce

induced; inducing
1 : to cause or bring about
  • anesthesia induced by drugs
: as
a (1) : to cause the embryological formation of
  • the optic cup induces lens tissue in the adjacent ectoderm
(2) : to cause to form through embryonic induction
  • induce ectoderm to form a neural tube
b : to cause or initiate by artificial means
  • induced abortion
  • induced labor
2 : to produce anesthesia in
  • the patient was induced by a mixture of thiopental and curare

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