in terminal decline

Definition of in terminal decline


  1. :  getting worse without any chance to improve The business is in terminal decline.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  leading ultimately to death :  fatal

    :  approaching or close to death :  being in the final stages of a fatal disease

    :  of or relating to patients with a terminal illness

  1. :  either end of a carrier line having facilities for the handling of freight and passengers

    :  a freight or passenger station that is central to a considerable area or serves as a junction at any point with other lines

    :  a town or city at the end of a carrier line :  terminus

  1. :  to turn from a straight course :  stray

    :  to slope downward :  descend

    :  to bend down :  droop

  1. :  the process of declining

    :  a gradual physical or mental sinking and wasting away

    :  a change to a lower state or level

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