verb fore·stall \ fȯr-ˈstȯl \
|Updated on: 6 Jul 2018

Definition of forestall

forestalled; forestalling; forestalls
1 : to prevent the normal trading in by buying or diverting goods or by persuading persons to raise prices
  • forestalling the wheat harvest and selling it at three times its cost
  • —G. B. Shaw
2 archaic : intercept
3 obsolete : obstruct, beset
4 : to exclude, hinder, or prevent by prior occupation or measures
  • Negotiations failed to forestall the conflict.
5 : to get ahead of : anticipate
  • detailed explanations intended to forestall questions




play \fȯr-ˈstȯl-mənt\ noun

Examples of forestall in a Sentence

  1. Negotiations failed to forestall the conflict.

  2. His comments were meant to forestall criticism of his proposal.

  3. He forestalled critics by offering a defense of the project.

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Origin and Etymology of forestall

Middle English, from forstall act of waylaying, from Old English foresteall, from fore- + steall position, stall

Synonym Discussion of forestall

prevent, anticipate, forestall mean to deal with beforehand. prevent implies taking advance measures against something possible or probable.
    • measures taken to prevent leaks
anticipate may imply merely getting ahead of another by being a precursor or forerunner or it may imply checking another's intention by acting first.
    • anticipated the question by making a statement
forestall implies a getting ahead so as to stop or interrupt something in its course.
    • hoped to forestall the sale

FORESTALL Defined for English Language Learners


Definition of forestall for English Language Learners

  • : to stop (something) from happening or to cause (something) to happen at a later time

  • : to act before (someone else) in order to prevent something

FORESTALL Defined for Kids


verb fore·stall \ fȯr-ˈstȯl \

Definition of forestall for Students

forestalled; forestalling
: to keep out, interfere with, or prevent by steps taken in advance
  • forestalling problems

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