decked out

Definition of decked out

  1. 1 :  dressed in a very fancy way We got all decked out for the occasion. —often + in She was decked out in furs. guys decked out in fancy tuxedos

  2. 2 :  decorated in a fancy way —often + with a room decked out with hundreds of little lights

Word by Word Definitions

deckplay decked
  1. :  a platform in a ship serving usually as a structural element and forming the floor for its compartments

    :  something resembling the deck of a ship: such as

    :  a story or tier of a building (such as a sports stadium)

  1. :  cover

    :  to clothe in a striking or elegant manner :  array

    :  decorate

  1. :  in a direction away from the inside or center

    :  outside

    :  from among others

  1. :  eject, oust

    :  to identify publicly as being such secretly

    :  to identify as being a closet homosexual

  1. : used as a function word to indicate an outward movement

  1. :  situated outside :  external

    :  out-of-bounds

    :  situated at a distance :  outlying

  1. :  outside

    :  one who is out of office or power or on the outside

    :  an act or instance of putting a player out or of being put out in baseball

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