verb co·here \kō-ˈhir\

Definition of cohere




  1. intransitive verb
  2. 1a :  to hold together firmly as parts of the same mass; broadly :  stick, adhereb :  to display cohesion of plant parts

  3. 2 :  to hold together as a mass of parts that cohere

  4. 3a :  to become united in principles, relationships, or interestsb :  to be logically or aesthetically consistent

  5. transitive verb
  6. :  to cause (parts or components) to cohere

Examples of cohere in a sentence

  1. the account in his journal coheres with the official report of the battle

  2. beset by personal animosities, the people of the neighborhood could not cohere into an effective civic association

Did You Know?

When you finish writing a paper, you may feel that it coheres well, since it's sharply focused and all the ideas seem to support each other. When all the soldiers in an army platoon feel like buddies, the platoon has become a cohesive unit. In science class you may learn the difference between cohesion (the tendency of a chemical's molecules to stick together) and adhesion (the tendency of the molecules of two different substances to stick together). Water molecules tend to cohere, so water falls from the sky in drops, not as separate molecules. But water molecules also adhere to molecules of other substances, so raindrops will often cling to the underside of a clothesline for a while before gravity pulls them down.

Origin and Etymology of cohere

borrowed from Latin cohaerēre “to stick together, be in contact with, be connected,” from co- co- + haerēre “to be closely attached, stick,” going back to a stem *hais-, of obscure origin

First Known Use: 1598

Synonym Discussion of cohere

stick, adhere, cohere, cling, cleave mean to become closely attached. stick implies attachment by affixing or by being glued together. couldn't get the label to stick adhere is often interchangeable with stick but sometimes implies a growing together. antibodies adhering to a virus cohere suggests a sticking together of parts so that they form a unified mass. eggs will make the mixture cohere cling implies attachment by hanging on with arms or tendrils. clinging to a capsized boat cleave stresses strength of attachment. the wet shirt cleaved to his back

COHERE Defined for English Language Learners


verb co·here \kō-ˈhir\

Definition of cohere for English Language Learners

  • : to be combined or united in a logical and effective way

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