verb ban·dy \ ˈban-dē \
Updated on: 7 Jan 2018

Definition of bandy

bandied; bandying
transitive verb
1 : to bat (something, such as a tennis ball) to and fro
2 a : to toss from side to side or pass about from one to another often in a careless or inappropriate manner
  • A gun is not a toy to be bandied about.
b : exchange
  • bandy compliments
; especially : to exchange (words) argumentatively
c : to discuss lightly or banteringly
  • Names of potential running mates have been bandied about.
d : to use in a glib or offhand manner often used with about
  • bandy these statistics about with considerable bravado
  • —Richard Pollak
3 archaic : to band together
intransitive verb
1 obsolete : contend
2 archaic : unite

Examples of bandy in a Sentence

  1. bandied around the idea of going out to dinner for their anniversary

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Origin and Etymology of bandy

probably borrowed from the base of French bander "to strike (a ball with a racket), stretch or draw back (a bow, spring, etc.)," going back to Old French, "to stretch, wrap with bandages," verbal derivative of bande "strip, 1band"
Note: The origin of the suffix -y, -ie is unclear. The noun bandie referring to a variation of tennis is of the same date and suggests a putative Medieval French bandé or bandée, but no such word is attested.

bandy Synonyms

agitate, argue, discuss, bat (around or back and forth), canvass (also canvas), debate, dispute, hash (over or out), moot, talk over
Related Words
review, speak (about), talk (about); broach, introduce, propound, raise, stir up; forge, hammer out, talk out, thrash (out), wrestle (with); chew over, consider, deliberate, weigh




Definition of bandy

sports : a game similar to hockey and believed to be its prototype

Origin and Etymology of bandy

earlier, "a variety of tennis," probably noun derivative of 1bandy
Note: See note at 1bandy.

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Definition of bandy

1 of legs : bowed
2 : bowlegged
  • … stood beyond the bandy table …
  • —Dylan Thomas


play \ˈban-dē-ˌlegd; ˌban-dē-ˈle-gəd, -ˈlā-\ adjective

Origin and Etymology of bandy

perhaps from bandy "curved stick used in the game of bandy," apparently a sense of 2bandy

Medical Dictionary


adjective ban·dy \ ˈban-dē \

medical Definition of bandy

1 of legs : bowed outward at or below the knee
2 : bowlegged

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relating to a homily or preaching

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