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Synonyms and Antonyms of overrun

  1. 1 to enter for conquest or plunder <waves of barbarians overran the Roman Empire during its long decline> Synonyms foray (into), invade, raidRelated Words despoil, loot, maraud, pillage, plunder, ransack, ravage, sack, strip; conquer, crush, dominate, overcome, overpower, overwhelm, subdue, subject, subjugate, vanquish; assail, assault, attack, beset, charge, rush, storm, strike; battle, clash (with), combat, fight, war (with); encroach, harass, infringe, trespass; beleaguer, besiege, blockade, invest; garrison, occupyNear Antonyms defend, guard, protect, safeguard, shield, ward; defy, oppose, repel, resist, withstand; capitulate (to), cede (to), submit (to), succumb (to), surrender (to), yield (to)

  2. 2 to go beyond the limit of <he must not overrun his authority as governor> Synonyms break, outreach, outrun, overpass, overreach, exceed, overshoot, overstep, surpass, transcendRelated Words encroach, entrench (also intrench), infringe, invade, trespass; overdo, overuse, overutilize, overwork

  3. 3 to spread or swarm over in a troublesome manner <ants are overrunning the garden> Synonyms infestRelated Words beset, overspread, overwhelm; abound, crawl, teem; annoy, pester, plague; contaminate, infect

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to destroy or remove completely

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