Medical Dictionary


verb \ˈbrāk\
broke \ˈbrōk\ bro·ken \ˈbrō-kən\ break·ing

Medical Definition of BREAK

transitive verb
a :  to snap into pieces :  fracture <break a bone> b :  to fracture the bone of (a bodily part) <the blow broke her arm> c :  to dislocate or dislocate and fracture a bone of (the neck or back)
a :  to cause an open wound in :  rupture <break the skin> b :  to rupture the surface of and permit flowing out or effusing <break an artery> <he broke several veins during his seizure>
intransitive verb
:  to fail in health or strength—often used with down <he broke down under the strain>
:  to suffer complete or marked loss of resistance, composure, resolution, morale, or command of a situation—often used with down <the prisoner broke down under interrogation and told the whole story>
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