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with a capital (A, B, C, etc.)

Definition of with a capital (A, B, C, etc.)

  1. :  to a great degree —used with a following relevant capital letter for emphasis <It was not an accident but murder with a capital M!> <He is conservative with a capital C!>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the uppermost member of a column or pilaster crowning the shaft and taking the weight of the entablature — see column illustration

  1. :  of or conforming to the series A, B, C, etc. rather than a, b, c, etc.

    :  punishable by death

    :  involving execution

  1. :  a stock of accumulated goods especially at a specified time and in contrast to income received during a specified period

    :  the value of these accumulated goods

    :  accumulated goods devoted to the production of other goods

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