noun \in-ˈta-blə-ˌchr, -chər, -ˌt(y)r\

Definition of ENTABLATURE

:  a horizontal part in classical architecture that rests on the columns and consists of architrave, frieze, and cornice — see column illustration

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obsolete French, modification of Italian intavolatura, from intavolare to put on a board or table, from in- (from Latin) + tavola board, table, from Latin tabula
First Known Use: 1611


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Assemblage of horizontal moldings and bands supported by the columns of Classical buildings. The entablature is usually divided into three main sections: the lowest band, or architrave, which originally took the form of a beam running from support to support; the central band, or frieze, consisting of an unmolded strip with or without ornament; and the top band, or cornice, constructed from a series of moldings that project from the edge of the frieze. Most entablatures correspond to or are derived from the Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian order.


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