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the likes of

Definition of the likes of

  1. 1 :  such people as <She has read the complete works of many great writers, including the likes of Jane Austen and Robert Browning.>

  2. 2 disapproving :  such a person as <We have no use for the likes of you.> <I've never known anyone the like of him.>

  3. 3 :  the kind or sort of <It was a beautiful sunset, the like(s) of which I've never seen before.>

Variants of the likes of


the like of

Word by Word Definitions

likeplay likes
  1. :  to be suitable or agreeable to

    :  to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in :  enjoy

    :  to feel toward :  regard

  1. :  liking, preference

    :  something that one likes

  1. :  the same or nearly the same (as in appearance, character, or quantity)

    :  closely resembling the subject or original

    :  likely

  1. :  having the characteristics of :  similar to

    :  typical of

    :  comparable to :  approximating

  1. :  one that is similar :  counterpart, equal

    :  kind

  1. :  equally

    :  likely, probably

    :  to some extent :  rather, altogether

  1. :  as if

    : used in intensive phrases

    :  in the same way that :  as

  1. :  came near :  was near

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