pronoun some·thing \ˈsəm(p)-thiŋ, especially in rapid speech or for 2 ˈsəm-pəm\

: a thing that is not known, named, or specified

: a person or thing that is important or worth noticing

: an amount that is more than a specified number

Full Definition of SOMETHING

a :  some indeterminate or unspecified thing
b :  some indeterminate amount more than a specified number —used in combination <twenty-something years old> <a group of fifty-somethings>
:  a person or thing of consequence
:  one having more or less the character, qualities, or nature of something different <is something of a bore>
something else
:  something or someone special or extraordinary

Examples of SOMETHING

  1. Something came in the mail for you.
  2. I thought I heard something outside.
  3. He said something that really bothered me.
  4. I started to say something but she interrupted me.
  5. I have something to tell you.
  6. There's something wrong with my car.
  7. Something is going on at the school, but I don't know what.
  8. The job doesn't pay very well and the hours are long. I think you should look for something better.
  9. They won't give us an extra week to finish, but they'll give us a couple of days. Well, that's something anyway.
  10. She thinks she's really something ever since her promotion.

First Known Use of SOMETHING

before 12th century



: in a very small amount or degree : somewhat or slightly

—used before an adjective that is being used like an adverb to add emphasis

Full Definition of SOMETHING

:  in some degree :  somewhat
—used as an intensive giving adverbial force to an adjective <swears something awful>

Examples of SOMETHING

  1. The total repairs cost something over $300.
  2. The movie was something like what I expected.

First Known Use of SOMETHING

13th century
SOMETHING Defined for Kids


pronoun some·thing \ˈsəm-thiŋ\

Definition of SOMETHING for Kids

:  a thing that is not known or named <We'll have to do something about it.>
:  a thing or amount that is clearly known but not named <I have something for you.>
:  somewhat <She is something of an expert.>


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