adverb \ˈfer-lē\

: to some degree or extent but not very or extremely : to a reasonable or moderate extent

: in a way that is right or proper : in a fair way

—used for emphasis before a verb that is being used figuratively

Full Definition of FAIRLY

:  in a handsome manner <a table fairly set>
a :  in a gentle manner :  quietly
b :  in a courteous manner
:  so to speak :  nearly, practically <fairly bursting with pride>
a :  in a proper or legal manner <fairly priced stocks>
b :  without bias or distortion :  impartially <a story told fairly and objectively>
:  to a full degree or extent :  plainly, distinctly <had fairly caught sight of him>
:  rather 5, moderately <a fairly easy job>

Examples of FAIRLY

  1. It's a fairly common disease.
  2. I told the story as fairly as possible.
  3. He reports fairly on the issues.
  4. He beat me fairly and squarely.

First Known Use of FAIRLY

12th century

Rhymes with FAIRLY


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