adverb \ˈskwer-lē\

: in a direct and honest way

: in the exact location or position that is mentioned ,

: in a way that makes direct contact

Full Definition of SQUARELY

:  in a straightforward or honest manner <we must squarely face the issue>
a :  exactly, precisely <squarely in the middle>
b :  so as to make solid contact <hit the ball squarely> <feet squarely planted>
:  in a square form or manner :  so as to be square <a squarely cut dress>
:  in a plain or unequivocal manner <the responsibility lies squarely with us> <align ourselves squarely with our allies>

Examples of SQUARELY

  1. We must face these problems squarely.
  2. It's time to deal squarely with the facts.
  3. literature that is squarely in the American tradition
  4. Their marketing campaign is aimed squarely at adolescents.
  5. The dart hit the board squarely in the middle.
  6. Look me squarely in the eye and tell me you're not lying.
  7. He hit the ball squarely.
  8. Her feet were squarely planted.

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