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adverb \ˈkwīt\

Simple Definition of quite

  • : to a very noticeable degree or extent

  • : completely or entirely

  • : exactly or precisely

Full Definition of quite

  1. 1 :  wholly, completely <not quite finished>

  2. 2 :  to an extreme :  positively <quite sure> —often used as an intensifier with a <quite a swell guy> <quite a beauty>

  3. 3 :  to a considerable extent :  rather <quite near>

quite a bit
  1. :  a considerable amount

quite a few
  1. :  many

Usage Discussion of quite

See Usage Discussion at plenty

Examples of quite

  1. He felt that the world he had loved had quite gone. —Edmund Wilson, New York Times Book Review, 20 July 1986

  2. The men who made love to the left-wing college girls were either medical students, who had contempt for them and forgot them, or jocks, who bragged falsely of having made conquests of quite other girls. —Renata Adler, Pitch Dark, 1983

  3. Irene Franey, a little older than I, was quite a beauty —John O'Hara, letter, 30 Dec. 1963

  4. In my opinion, my work … ain't quite good enough … —William Faulkner, in Faulkner in the University, (1959) 1977

  5. Are you quite finished? Not quite.

  6. I am quite capable of doing it myself, thank you.

  7. They assured me that I was quite mistaken.

  8. We hadn't quite made up our minds.

  9. She's quite right, you know.

  10. I quite forgot your birthday.

  11. No one realized quite what was happening.

  12. Quite why he left is unclear.

  13. That is not quite what I said.

Origin of quite

Middle English, from quite, adjective, quit

First Known Use: 14th century

QUITE Defined for Kids


adverb \ˈkwīt\

Definition of quite

  1. 1 :  beyond question or doubt :  completely <I was quite alone.> <Are you quite sure?>

  2. 2 :  to a considerable extent <That's quite interesting.> <We're quite near.>

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