verb \ə-ˈmant\

Definition of AMOUNT

intransitive verb
a :  to be equivalent <acts that amount to treason>
b :  to reach in kind or quality <wants her son to amount to something> <doesn't amount to much>
:  to reach a total :  add up <the bill amounts to $10>

Origin of AMOUNT

Middle English, from Anglo-French amounter, from amount upward, from a- (from Latin ad-) + mont mountain — more at mount
First Known Use: 14th century



: a quantity of something

: a quantity of money

Full Definition of AMOUNT

a :  the total number or quantity :  aggregate
b :  the quantity at hand or under consideration <has an enormous amount of energy>
:  the whole effect, significance, or import
:  a principal sum and the interest on it

Usage Discussion of AMOUNT

Number is regularly used with count nouns <a large number of mistakes> <any number of times> while amount is mainly used with mass nouns <annual amount of rainfall> <a substantial amount of money>. The use of amount with count nouns has been frequently criticized; it usually occurs when the number of things is thought of as a mass or collection <glad to furnish any amount of black pebbles — New Yorker> <a substantial amount of film offers — Lily Tomlin> or when money is involved <a substantial amount of loans — E. R. Black>.

Examples of AMOUNT

  1. The drug is not being produced in adequate amounts.
  2. What is the amount to be paid?
  3. An amount was finally agreed upon.
  4. The new law limits the amount a candidate can spend.
  5. When he died we found he owed money to the amount of $250,000!

First Known Use of AMOUNT


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