noun pref·er·ence \ˈpre-fərn(t)s, ˈpre-f(ə-)rən(t)s\

: a feeling of liking or wanting one person or thing more than another person or thing

: an advantage that is given to some people or things and not to others

: something that is liked or wanted more than another thing : something that is preferred

Full Definition of PREFERENCE

a :  the act of preferring :  the state of being preferred
b :  the power or opportunity of choosing
:  one that is preferred
:  the act, fact, or principle of giving advantages to some over others
:  priority in the right to demand and receive satisfaction of an obligation
:  orientation 2b <sexual preference>

Examples of PREFERENCE

  1. Car buyers have recently shown a growing preference for smaller vehicles.
  2. When it comes to music, everyone has their own preferences.
  3. Some people like small cars and some people like big cars. It's a matter of personal preference.
  4. She listed her favorite restaurants in order of preference.
  5. He has tried not to show preference in giving out jobs.
  6. The policy of the school is to give preference to minority candidates.
  7. We could go to an Italian or Chinese restaurant tonight. What's your preference? Either one is fine. I don't have a preference.


Middle English preferraunce, from Middle French preferance, from Medieval Latin praeferentia, from Latin praeferent-, praeferens, present participle of praeferre
First Known Use: 15th century


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