noun \ˈsmash\

: someone or something that is very successful or popular

: the sound made when something hits a surface very violently

: a hard downward hit in tennis or other games

Full Definition of SMASH

a :  a smashing blow or attack
b :  a hard overhand stroke (as in tennis or badminton)
a :  the action or sound of smashing; especially :  a wreck due to collision :  crash
b :  utter collapse :  ruin
:  a striking success

Examples of SMASH

  1. The new movie is a smash.
  2. She was a smash at the party.
  3. His new song promises to be a smash hit.
  4. The vase fell to the ground with a loud smash.
  5. She hit an overhand smash that won the match.

Origin of SMASH

perhaps blend of 4smack and 2mash
First Known Use: 1725



: to break (something) into many pieces : to shatter or destroy (something)

: to hit (something) violently and very hard

: to hit (a ball) downward and very hard in tennis and other games

Full Definition of SMASH

transitive verb
:  to break or crush by violence
a :  to drive or throw violently especially with a shattering or battering effect; also :  to effect in this way
b :  to hit violently :  batter
c (1) :  to hit (as a tennis ball) with a hard overhand stroke
(2) :  to drive (a ball) with a forceful stroke
:  to destroy utterly :  wreck
intransitive verb
:  to move or become propelled with violence or crashing effect <smashed into a tree>
:  to become wrecked
:  to go to pieces suddenly under collision or pressure
smash·er noun

Examples of SMASH

  1. He smashed the vase with a hammer.
  2. The ball smashed the window.
  3. The vase fell and smashed to pieces.
  4. He smashed into the wall.
  5. She smashed the ball deep into the opposite corner.

First Known Use of SMASH




Definition of SMASH

:  being a smash :  outstanding <a smash hit>

First Known Use of SMASH



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