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prime the pump

Definition of prime the pump

  1. :  to do something that will help a thing to grow or develop <The government has to prime the pump to get the economy going.> <That sort of language will only prime the pump for an ugly argument later.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the second of the canonical hours

    :  the first hour of the day usually considered either as 6 a.m. or the hour of sunrise

    :  the earliest stage

  1. :  first in time :  original

    :  of, relating to, or being a prime number — compare relatively prime

    :  having no polynomial factors other than itself and no monomial factors other than 1

  1. :  fill, load

    :  to prepare for firing by supplying with priming

    :  to insert a primer into (a cartridge case)

  1. :  a device that raises, transfers, delivers, or compresses fluids or that attenuates gases especially by suction or pressure or both

    :  heart

    :  an act or the process of pumping

  1. :  to work a pump :  raise or move a fluid with a pump

    :  to exert oneself to pump or as if to pump something

    :  to move in a manner that resembles the action of a pump handle

  1. :  a shoe that grips the foot chiefly at the toe and heel

    :  a close-fitting woman's dress shoe with a moderate to high heel

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