adjective pri·me·val \prī-ˈmē-vəl\

: very old or ancient

: basic and powerful

Full Definition of PRIMEVAL

:  of or relating to the earliest ages (as of the world or human history) :  ancient, primitive <100 acres of primeval forest which has never felt an ax — Mary R. Zimmer>
:  primordial 1b
pri·me·val·ly \-və-lē\ adverb

Examples of PRIMEVAL

  1. <primeval forests slowly disappearing as the climate changed>

Origin of PRIMEVAL

Latin primaevus, from primus first + aevum age — more at aye
First Known Use: 1662
PRIMEVAL Defined for Kids


adjective pri·me·val \prī-ˈmē-vəl\

Definition of PRIMEVAL for Kids

:  belonging to the earliest time :  primitive <… wild dogs ranged in packs through the primeval forest … — Jack London, The Call of the Wild>

Word Root of PRIMEVAL

The Latin word primus, meaning first, gives us the root prim. Words from the Latin primus have something to do with being first. Anything primary comes first in importance or order. Anything primeval belongs to a period of time that came first, before the present. Anything primitive also belongs to an earlier time.


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