noun \ˈwē-vəl\

: a small insect that eats grains and seeds and that can ruin crops

Full Definition of WEEVIL

:  any of a superfamily (Curculionoidea) of beetles which have the head prolonged into a more or less distinct snout and which include many that are destructive especially as larvae to nuts, fruit, and grain or to living plants; especially :  any of a family (Curculionidae) having a well-developed snout curved downward with the jaws at the tip and clubbed usually elbowed antennae
wee·vily or wee·vil·ly \ˈwēv-lē, ˈwē-və-lē\ adjective

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Origin of WEEVIL

Middle English wevel, from Old English wifel; akin to Old High German wibil beetle, Old English wefan to weave
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Insect Terms

drone, entomology, gadfly, pismire, proboscis, vespine

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of about 40,000 beetle species in the largest family of beetles, Curculionidae, which is also the largest family in the animal kingdom. Most weevils have long, elbowed antennae that may fold into special grooves on the prominent snout. Many species are wingless. Most species are less than 0.25 in. (6 mm) long, are plainly coloured and marked, and feed exclusively on plants. Some species are more than 3 in. (80 mm) long. The larvae may feed on only a certain part of a plant or a single plant species; adults are less specialized. The family includes many destructive pests, including the boll weevil.

Variants of WEEVIL

weevil or snout beetle


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