prime mover

prime mover


: a person or thing that starts something or that has a very powerful influence on something

Full Definition of PRIME MOVER

a :  an initial source of motive power (as a windmill, waterwheel, turbine, or internal combustion engine) designed to receive and modify force and motion as supplied by some natural source and apply them to drive machinery
b :  a powerful tractor or truck usually with all-wheel drive
:  the self-moved being that is the source of all motion
:  the original or most effective force in an undertaking or work <education is … a prime mover of cultural and societal change — R. C. Buck>

Examples of PRIME MOVER

  1. She was the prime mover behind the town's annual summer festival.


translation of Medieval Latin primus motor
First Known Use: 1809

Rhymes with PRIME MOVER

prime mover

noun \ˈprīm-ˈmü-vər\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of PRIME MOVER

: agonist 1


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