noun \ˈpōk\

Definition of POKE

chiefly Southern & Midland :  bag, sack
a :  wallet
b :  purse

Origin of POKE

Middle English, from Anglo-French — more at pocket
First Known Use: 13th century



: to push your finger or something thin or pointed into or at someone or something

: to make (a hole) in something by pushing something sharp or pointed through or into it

: to stick out so that a part can be seen


Full Definition of POKE

transitive verb
a (1) :  prod, jab <poked him in the ribs> (2) :  to urge or stir by prodding or jabbing <poked and scolded by the old folks — Upton Sinclair> (3) :  to cause to prod :  thrust <poked a stick at the snake>
b (1) :  pierce, stab
(2) :  to produce by or as if by piercing, stabbing, or jabbing <poke a hole> <poked holes in his heavily footnoted argument — David Stoll>
c (1) :  hit, punch <poked him in the nose>
(2) :  to deliver (a blow) with the fist (3) :  to hit (a blooper) in baseball
a :  to cause to project <poked her head out of the window>
b :  to make (one's way) by poking <poked his way through the ruins>
c :  to interpose or interject in a meddlesome manner <asked him not to poke his nose into other people's business>
intransitive verb
a :  to make a prodding, jabbing, or thrusting movement especially repeatedly
b :  to strike out at something
a :  to look about or through something without system :  rummage <poking around in the attic>
b :  meddle
:  to move or act slowly or aimlessly <just poked around and didn't accomplish much>
:  to become stuck out or forward :  protrude
poke fun at
:  ridicule, mock

Examples of POKE

  1. I accidentally poked my finger right through the old fabric.
  2. Throwing pencils is not allowed because someone's eye could get poked out.

Origin of POKE

Middle English; akin to Middle Dutch poken to poke
First Known Use: 14th century



Definition of POKE

a :  a quick thrust :  jab
b :  a blow with the fist :  punch
:  a projecting brim on the front of a woman's bonnet
:  a cutting remark :  dig

First Known Use of POKE

circa 1796



Definition of POKE

:  pokeweed

Origin of POKE

perhaps modification of Virginia Algonquian pocone, poughkone puccoon
First Known Use: 1708


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