noun bel·ly \ˈbe-lē\

: a person's stomach or the part of the body that contains the stomach

: the part of an animal's body that is like a person's belly

: a curved or rounded surface or part

plural bellies

Full Definition of BELLY

a :  abdomen 1; also :  potbelly 1
b :  the stomach and its adjuncts
c :  the undersurface of an animal's body; also :  hide from this part
d :  womb, uterus
:  an internal cavity :  interior
:  appetite for food
:  a surface or object curved or rounded like a human belly
a :  the enlarged fleshy body of a muscle
b :  the part of a sail that swells out when filled with wind
:  gut 1a(2)

Examples of BELLY

  1. He got down on his belly to crawl.
  2. They slid down the snowy hill on their bellies.
  3. a gray squirrel with a white belly
  4. the belly of an airplane
  5. the belly of a ship

Origin of BELLY

Middle English bely bellows, belly, from Old English belg bag, skin; akin to Old High German balg bag, skin, Old English blāwan to blow — more at blow
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with BELLY



: to cause (something, such as a sail) to curve or bulge outward


Full Definition of BELLY

transitive verb
:  to cause to swell or fill out <wind bellying the sails>
intransitive verb
:  swell, fill
a :  to slide or crawl on one's belly
b :  belly-land

Examples of BELLY

  1. <the sails slowly bellied as the wind picked up>
  2. <recruits were forced to belly over the obstacle course under simulated enemy fire>

First Known Use of BELLY


Rhymes with BELLY


noun bel·ly \ˈbel-ē\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural bellies

Medical Definition of BELLY

a :  abdomen 1a b :  the undersurface of an animal's body c :  womb, uterus d :  the stomach and its adjuncts
:  the enlarged fleshy body of a muscle
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