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noun ap·pe·tite \ˈa-pə-ˌtīt\

Simple Definition of appetite

  • : a physical desire for food

  • : a desire or liking for something

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of appetite

  1. 1 :  any of the instinctive desires necessary to keep up organic life; especially :  the desire to eat

  2. 2 a :  an inherent craving <an insatiable appetite for work> b :  taste, preference <the cultural appetites of the time — J. D. Hart>


play \-ˌtī-tiv\ adjective

Examples of appetite in a sentence

  1. He has a healthy appetite.

  2. Some common symptoms are tiredness, nausea, and loss of appetite.

  3. I had no appetite and couldn't sleep.

Origin and Etymology of appetite

Middle English apetit, from Anglo-French, from Latin appetitus, from appetere to strive after, from ad- + petere to go to — more at feather

First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with appetite

acolyte, aconite, aerolite, Ammonite, Amorite, amosite, anchorite, andesite, anthracite, antiwhite, apartheid, arsenite, azurite, Bakelite, bedlamite, Benthamite, biotite, bipartite, black-and-white, blatherskite, bleacherite, bring to light, Brooklynite, bryophyte, calamite, Canaanite, candlelight, Carmelite, Castroite, catamite, cellulite, cenobite, chalcocite, chestnut blight, Chinese white, columbite, coprolite, copyright, cryolite, crystallite, disinvite, disunite, divine right, dolerite, dolomite, dynamite, ebonite, epiphyte, eremite, erudite, expedite, extradite, featherlight, fight-or-flight, fly-by-night, gelignite, geophyte, gesundheit, gigabyte, Gilsonite, Hashemite, hematite, hemocyte, hessonite, Hitlerite, Houstonite, hug-me-tight, Hutterite, hyalite, Ibsenite, impolite, inner light, Ishmaelite, Isle of Wight, Israelite, Jacobite, Jerseyite, Josephite, kilobyte, kimberlite, laborite, lazulite, leading light, Leavisite, Leninite, leukocyte, lily-white, localite, lymphocyte, macrophyte, magnetite, malachite, manganite, Marcionite, Masonite, megabyte, Mennonite, Minorite, Moabite, Mr. Right, muscovite, Muscovite, Nazirite, neophyte, oocyte, open sight, out-of-sight, overbite, overflight, overnight, oversight, overwrite, parasite, patent right, perovskite, phagocyte, pilot light, plebiscite, proselyte, Puseyite, pyrrhotite, recondite, reunite, rhyolite, running light, Saint Paulite, saprolite, satellite, Scottish rite, second sight, see the light, self-ignite, serve one right, shergottite, socialite, sodalite, sodomite, spider mite, Stagirite, Sydneyite, taconite, tanzanite, terabyte, time-of-flight, traffic light, transfinite, transvestite, tripartite, troglodyte, Trotskyite, Ulsterite, ultralight, underwrite, urbanite, vigil light, Wahhabite, water right, water sprite, watertight, Wycliffite, xerophyte, yesternight, zoophyte

APPETITE Defined for Kids


noun ap·pe·tite \ˈa-pə-ˌtīt\

Definition of appetite for Students

  1. 1 :  a natural desire especially for food

  2. 2 :  a desire or liking for something <an appetite for adventure>

Medical Dictionary


noun ap·pe·tite \ˈap-ə-ˌtīt\

Medical Definition of appetite

  1. :  any of the instinctive desires necessary to keep up organic life; especially :  the desire to eat


\-ˌtīt-iv\play adjective

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