noun \ˈwä-lət\

: a small folding case that holds paper money, credit cards, etc.

Full Definition of WALLET

:  a bag for carrying miscellaneous articles while traveling
a :  a folding pocketbook with compartments for personal papers and usually unfolded paper money; also :  billfold
b :  a container that resembles a money wallet: as
(1) :  a usually flexible folding case fitted for carrying specific items (as tools or fishing flies) (2) :  folder 3
:  resources, funds <a shopping mall that seems to swallow your wallet — Karen Wright>

Examples of WALLET

  1. She paid the bill and tucked her wallet back into her pocket.
  2. He pulled a few bills out of his wallet.

Origin of WALLET

Middle English walet
First Known Use: 14th century

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