verb \ˈthrəst\

: to push (someone or something) with force

: to cause (something sharp) to enter or go through something else by pushing

: to make a sudden, strong, forward movement at someone or something with a weapon


Full Definition of THRUST

transitive verb
:  to push or drive with force :  shove
:  to cause to enter or pierce something by or as if by pushing <thrust a dagger into his heart>
:  extend, spread
:  stab, pierce
a :  to put (as an unwilling person) forcibly into a course of action or position <was thrust into the job>
b :  to introduce often improperly into a position :  interpolate
:  to press, force, or impose the acceptance of upon someone <thrust new responsibilities upon her>
intransitive verb
a :  to force an entrance or passage
b :  to push forward :  press onward
c :  to push upward :  project
:  to make a thrust, stab, or lunge with or as if with a pointed weapon <thrust at them with a knife>

Examples of THRUST

  1. He thrust his hands into his pockets.
  2. He thrust his fist into the air.
  3. The doctor thrust the needle into the patient's arm.
  4. He thrust at me with his sword.

Origin of THRUST

Middle English thrusten, thristen, from Old Norse thrȳsta; probably akin to Old Norse thrjōta to tire, Old English thrēat coercion — more at threat
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with THRUST



: a forward or upward push

: the main point or meaning of something

: the main concern or purpose of something

Full Definition of THRUST

a :  a push or lunge with a pointed weapon
b (1) :  a verbal attack
(2) :  a military assault
a :  a strong continued pressure
b :  the sideways force or pressure of one part of a structure against another part (as of an arch against an abutment)
c :  the force produced by a propeller or by a jet or rocket engine that drives a vehicle (as an aircraft) forward
d :  a nearly horizontal geological fault
a :  a forward or upward push
b :  a movement (as by a group of people) in a specified direction
a :  salient or essential element or meaning <the thrust of the argument>
b :  principal concern or objective <the plan's major thrust is testing — Ryan Lizza>

Examples of THRUST

  1. With one last thrust he broke through the barrier.
  2. a single thrust of his sword

First Known Use of THRUST

14th century

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