verb \ˈō-vər-ˌhaŋ, ˌō-vər-ˈ\

: to stick out beyond or hang over (something)

over·hung\-ˌhəŋ, -ˈhəŋ\over·hang·ing

Full Definition of OVERHANG

transitive verb
:  to project over
:  to impend over :  threaten
intransitive verb
:  to project so as to be over something

Examples of OVERHANG

  1. A cliff overhangs the trail.
  2. The patio was overhung by a canopy.
  3. The path was overhung with willow trees.

First Known Use of OVERHANG



noun \ˈō-vər-ˌhaŋ\

: a part that sticks out or hangs over something

: the amount by which something hangs over something else

Full Definition of OVERHANG

:  something that overhangs; also :  the extent of the overhanging
:  the part of the bow or stern of a ship that projects over the water above the waterline
:  a projection of the roof or upper story of a building beyond the wall of the lower part
:  an excess amount of a commodity or security the selling of which often drives down the value of that kind of commodity or security <share overhang>

Examples of OVERHANG

  1. The overhang of the roof cast a shadow on the ground.
  2. <a recess in the face of the cliff that is hidden by the thick vines dangling from the jagged overhang above>

Illustration of OVERHANG

First Known Use of OVERHANG



noun \ˈō-vər-ˌhaŋ\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of OVERHANG

: a portion of a filling that extends beyond the normal contour of a tooth


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