noun sec·tion \ˈsek-shən\

: one of the parts that form something

: a particular area that is part of a larger place

: a part of a newspaper, play, book, etc.

Full Definition of SECTION

a :  the action or an instance of cutting or separating by cutting
b :  a part set off by or as if by cutting
:  a distinct part or portion of something written (as a chapter, law, or newspaper)
a :  the profile of something as it would appear if cut through by an intersecting plane
b :  the plane figure resulting from the cutting of a solid by a plane
:  a natural subdivision of a taxonomic group
:  a character § used as a mark for the beginning of a section and as a reference mark
:  a piece of land one square mile in area forming especially one of the 36 subdivisions of a township
:  a distinct part of a territorial or political area, community, or group of people <the historic section of the city>
a :  a part that may be, is, or is viewed as separated <a board cut into sections> <the northern section of the route>
b :  one segment of a fruit :  carpel
:  a basic military unit usually having a special function
:  a very thin slice (as of tissue) suitable for microscopic examination
a :  one of the classes formed by dividing the students taking a course
b :  one of the discussion groups into which a conference or organization is divided
a :  a part of a permanent railroad way under the care of a particular crew
b :  one of two or more vehicles or trains which run on the same schedule
:  one of several component parts that may be assembled or reassembled <a bookcase in sections>
:  a division of an orchestra composed of one class of instruments <the string section>
:  signature 3b

Examples of SECTION

  1. the upper section of the bridge
  2. This section of the road is closed.
  3. the frozen food section in the supermarket
  4. the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn
  5. Do you want to sit in the nonsmoking section?
  6. The dictionary includes a section on signs and symbols.
  7. Section 1123 of the bankruptcy code.
  8. ads that target one section of the population
  9. The siding comes in five-foot sections.

Origin of SECTION

Latin section-, sectio, from secare to cut — more at saw
First Known Use: 1534

Related to SECTION

Rhymes with SECTION



: to divide (something) into parts

: to officially send (a mentally ill person) to a psychiatric hospital

sec·tionedsec·tion·ing \-sh(ə-)niŋ\

Full Definition of SECTION

transitive verb
:  to cut or separate into sections <section an orange>
:  to represent in sections
intransitive verb
:  to become cut or separated into parts

Examples of SECTION

  1. Peel and section the orange.
  2. Section the chicken and marinate the parts.
  3. She was sectioned by the judge.

First Known Use of SECTION

May 27, 2015
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a vigorous reprimand or warning
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