verb \ˈthre-tən\

: to say that you will harm someone or do something unpleasant or unwanted especially in order to make someone do what you want

: to be something that is likely to cause harm to (someone or something) : to be a threat to (someone or something)

threat·enedthreat·en·ing \ˈthret-niŋ, ˈthre-tən-iŋ\

Full Definition of THREATEN

transitive verb
:  to utter threats against
a :  to give signs or warning of :  portend <the clouds threatened rain>
b :  to hang over dangerously :  menace <famine threatens the city>
:  to announce as intended or possible <the workers threatened a strike>
:  to cause to feel insecure or anxious <felt threatened by his brother's success>
intransitive verb
:  to utter threats
:  to portend evil
threat·en·er \ˈthret-nər, ˈthre-tən-ər\ noun
threat·en·ing·ly \ˈthret-niŋ-lē, ˈthre-tən-iŋ-\ adverb

Examples of THREATEN

  1. The mugger threatened him with a gun.
  2. She threatened to quit if they didn't give her a raise, but no one believed her.
  3. Civil war has been threatening the country for years.
  4. a marriage threatened by financial problems
  5. Overfishing threatens the survival of certain fish species.
  6. The latest news threatens trouble for the economy.

First Known Use of THREATEN

13th century

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