noun \ˈnō-shən\

: an idea or opinion

: an idea about doing something : a sudden wish or desire

notions : small useful things (such as pins, thread, buttons) that are used for sewing

Full Definition of NOTION

a (1) :  an individual's conception or impression of something known, experienced, or imagined (2) :  an inclusive general concept (3) :  a theory or belief held by a person or group
b :  a personal inclination :  whim
obsolete :  mind, intellect
plural :  small useful items :  sundries

Examples of NOTION

  1. He has some pretty strange notions.
  2. She had a vague notion about what happened.
  3. The study disproves any notion that dolphins are not intelligent.
  4. She had a notion to try skydiving.
  5. a sewing shop that sells fabrics, books, tools, and notions

Origin of NOTION

Latin notion-, notio, from noscere
First Known Use: 1537

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