noun \ˈnä-vəl-tē\

: the quality or state of being new, different, and interesting

: something that is new or unusual : something novel

: something unusual and entertaining that is popular for a short period of time

plural nov·el·ties

Full Definition of NOVELTY

:  something new or unusual
:  the quality or state of being novel :  newness
:  a small manufactured article intended mainly for personal or household adornment —usually used in plural
:  something (as a song or food item) that provides often fleeting amusement and is often based on a theme —often used attributively

Examples of NOVELTY

  1. the novelty of space exploration
  2. Electric-powered cars are still novelties.
  3. Eating shark meat is a novelty to many people.

Origin of NOVELTY

Middle English novelte, from Anglo-French novelté, from novel
First Known Use: 14th century

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