adjective \ˈnō-shnəl, -shə-nəl\

: existing as an idea rather than as something real

Full Definition of NOTIONAL

:  existing in the mind only :  imaginary
:  given to foolish or fanciful moods or ideas
a :  of, relating to, or being a notion or idea :  conceptual
b (1) :  presenting an idea of a thing, action, or quality <has is notional in he has luck, relational in he has gone>
(2) :  of or representing what exists or occurs in the world of things as distinguished from syntactic categories
no·tion·al·i·ty \ˌnō-shə-ˈna-lə-tē\ noun
no·tion·al·ly \ˈnō-shnə-lē, -shə-nəl-ē\ adverb

Examples of NOTIONAL

  1. The notional earnings of the company were close to the actual ones.
  2. <she has a notional understanding of romantic love but no actual experience of being in love>

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