noun im·pres·sion \im-ˈpre-shən\

: the effect or influence that something or someone has on a person's thoughts or feelings

: an idea or belief that is usually not clear or certain

: an appearance or suggestion of something

Full Definition of IMPRESSION

a :  a characteristic, trait, or feature resulting from some influence <the impression on behavior produced by the social milieu>
b :  an effect of alteration or improvement <the settlement left little impression on the wilderness>
c :  a telling image impressed on the senses or the mind
:  the effect produced by impressing: as
a :  a stamp, form, or figure resulting from physical contact
b :  an imprint of the teeth and adjacent portions of the jaw for use in dentistry
c :  an especially marked and often favorable influence or effect on feeling, sense, or mind
:  the act of impressing: as
a :  an affecting by stamping or pressing
b :  a communicating of a mold, trait, or character by an external force or influence
a :  the amount of pressure with which an inked printing surface deposits its ink on the paper
b :  one instance of the meeting of a printing surface and the material being printed; also :  a single print or copy so made
c :  all the copies (as of a book) printed in one continuous operation from a single makeready
:  an often indistinct or imprecise notion or remembrance
a :  the first coat of color in painting
b :  a coat of paint for ornament or preservation
:  an imitation or representation of salient features in an artistic or theatrical medium; especially :  an imitation in caricature of a noted personality as a form of theatrical entertainment

Examples of IMPRESSION

  1. The candidate made a favorable impression.
  2. My first impression of him was that he was a kind and thoughtful young man.
  3. First impressions are important but can be misleading.
  4. In her journal, she recorded her impressions of the city.
  5. Her kindness left a lasting impression on her students.
  6. I got the distinct impression that they didn't mean to stay long.

First Known Use of IMPRESSION

14th century


impress, print, imprint, stamp
See Synonym Discussion at idea


noun im·pres·sion \im-ˈpresh-ən\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of IMPRESSION

:  an imprint in plastic material of the surfaces of the teeth and adjacent portions of the jaw from which a likeness may be produced in dentistry
:  an especially marked influence or effect on the senses or the mind
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