noun con·fes·sion \kən-ˈfe-shən\

: a written or spoken statement in which you say that you have done something wrong or committed a crime

: the act of telling people something that makes you embarrassed, ashamed, etc.

: the act of telling your sins to God or to a priest

Full Definition of CONFESSION

a :  an act of confessing; especially :  a disclosure of one's sins in the sacrament of reconciliation
b :  a session for the confessing of sins <go to confession>
:  a statement of what is confessed: as
a :  a written or oral acknowledgment of guilt by a party accused of an offense
b :  a formal statement of religious beliefs :  creed
:  an organized religious body having a common creed

Examples of CONFESSION

  1. She went to the police station and made a full confession.
  2. I have a confession to make: I have never done this before.
  3. The priest will hear confessions after mass today.
  4. I haven't gone to confession in three years.

First Known Use of CONFESSION

14th century
CONFESSION Defined for Kids


noun con·fes·sion \kən-ˈfe-shən\

Definition of CONFESSION for Kids

:  an act of telling of sins or wrong, illegal, or embarrassing acts
:  a written or spoken admission of guilt of a crime


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