adjective \ˈdi-fi-(ˌ)kəlt\

: not easy : requiring much work or skill to do or make

: not easy to deal with or manage

: not willing to help others by changing your behavior : stubborn or unreasonable

Full Definition of DIFFICULT

:  hard to do, make, or carry out :  arduous <a difficult climb>
a :  hard to deal with, manage, or overcome <a difficult child>
b :  hard to understand :  puzzling <difficult reading>
dif·fi·cult·ly adverb

Examples of DIFFICULT

  1. We were asked lots of difficult questions.
  2. I had to make a very difficult decision.
  3. We'll be hiking over difficult terrain.
  4. It's more difficult than it sounds.
  5. I found myself in a difficult position.
  6. Some difficult days lie ahead of us.
  7. These changes will make life difficult for everyone involved.


Middle English, back-formation from difficulty
First Known Use: 14th century

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