adjective \ˈär-jə-wəs, -dy-, -jü-əs\

: very difficult

Full Definition of ARDUOUS

a :  hard to accomplish or achieve :  difficult <years of arduous training>
b :  marked by great labor or effort :  strenuous <a life of arduous toil — A. C. Cole>
:  hard to climb :  steep <an arduous path>
ar·du·ous·ly adverb
ar·du·ous·ness noun

Examples of ARDUOUS

  1. He went through a long and arduous training program.
  2. an arduous journey across miles of desert
  3. Traveling for several days by train, stagecoach and horseback, they would reach Mariposa Grove, a stand of some 200 ancient giant sequoias, where they would rest before embarking on an arduous descent via 26 switchbacks into the valley. —Tony Perrottet, Smithsonian, July 2008

Origin of ARDUOUS

Latin arduus high, steep, difficult; akin to Old Irish ard high
First Known Use: 1538


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