noun \ˈkash\

: a group of things that have been hidden in a secret place because they are illegal or have been stolen

: a part of a computer's memory where information is kept so that the computer can find it very quickly

Full Definition of CACHE

a :  a hiding place especially for concealing and preserving provisions or implements
b :  a secure place of storage
:  something hidden or stored in a cache
:  a computer memory with very short access time used for storage of frequently or recently used instructions or data —called also cache memory

Examples of CACHE

  1. a weapons cache used by terrorists
  2. Police found a cache of stolen cars in the woods.
  3. Her new laptop has one megabyte of cache.

Origin of CACHE

French, from cacher to press, hide, from Vulgar Latin *coacticare to press together, from Latin coactare to compel, frequentative of cogere to compel — more at cogent
First Known Use: 1797



Definition of CACHE

transitive verb
:  to place, hide, or store in a cache

Examples of CACHE

  1. <an eccentric who cached money in odd places, such as under the boards of the floor>
  2. <cached the fugitive slaves in their cellar until they could make their way to Canada>

First Known Use of CACHE



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Temporary computer storage used for quick retrieval of data in order to increase processing speed. The cached data can be stored in a reserved area of RAM, a special cache chip (separate from the CPU) that provides faster access than RAM, or on the disk drive. By keeping frequently accessed data in a rapidly accessible place, the computer can respond quickly to requests for those data without having to perform time-consuming searches of RAM or hard drives. Since a “stale” cache will contain data that have been superseded by later information, the cached data must be refreshed periodically.


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