adjective \ˈkō-jənt\

: very clear and easy for the mind to accept and believe

Full Definition of COGENT

:  having power to compel or constrain <cogent forces>
a :  appealing forcibly to the mind or reason :  convincing <cogent evidence>
b :  pertinent, relevant <a cogent analysis>
co·gent·ly adverb

Examples of COGENT

  1. <the results of the DNA fingerprinting were the most cogent evidence for acquittal>
  2. … Honeyboy Edwards provides a cogent analysis of the shift within the blues over the years … —David Hajdu, Mother Jones, September/October 2003

Origin of COGENT

Latin cogent-, cogens, present participle of cogere to drive together, collect, from co- + agere to drive — more at agent
First Known Use: 1659


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