transitive verb \ˈstash\

: to put (something) in a secret or hidden place

Full Definition of STASH

:  to store in a usually secret place for future use —often used with away

Examples of STASH

  1. The police found where he had stashed the drugs.
  2. The gifts were stashed in the closet.
  3. He stashed the equipment under the bed.
  4. We wondered what they had stashed in their backpacks.

Origin of STASH

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1797



: an amount of something that is stored or hidden

Full Definition of STASH

:  hiding place :  cache
:  something stored or hidden away <a stash of narcotics>

Examples of STASH

  1. <keeps a stash of tissues in her desk in case anyone needs one>

First Known Use of STASH

circa 1914


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