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break free

Definition of break free

  1. :  to become able to move or escape by using force or effort <The prisoner struggled to break free.>

  2. :  to get away from someone or something that holds or limits one —often + from or of <She wanted to break free from the constraints of her middle-class life.> <an animal struggling to break free of a trap>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to separate into parts with suddenness or violence

    :  fracture

    :  rupture

  1. :  an act or action of breaking

    :  the opening shot in a game of pool or billiards

    :  a condition produced by or as if by breaking :  gap

  1. :  having the legal and political rights of a citizen

    :  enjoying civil and political liberty

    :  enjoying political independence or freedom from outside domination

  1. :  to cause to be free

    :  to relieve or rid of what restrains, confines, restricts, or embarrasses

    :  disentangle, clear

  1. :  in a free manner

    :  without charge

    :  with the wind more than six points from dead ahead

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