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beat around the bush

Definition of beat around the bush

  1. :  to avoid saying something by talking about other things <Stop beating around the bush and tell me why you're here.>

Variants of beat around the bush

or British beat about the bush

Word by Word Definitions

  1. : :  to strike repeatedly:

    :  to walk on :  tread

    :  to strike directly against forcefully and repeatedly :  dash against

  1. :  a single stroke or blow especially in a series

    :  pulsation, tick

    :  a sound produced by or as if by beating

  1. :  being in a state of exhaustion :  exhausted

    :  sapped of resolution or morale

    :  of, relating to, or being beatniks

  1. :  beatnik

  1. :  in a circle or in circumference

    :  in, along, or through a circuit

    :  on all or various sides :  in every or any direction

  1. :  on all sides of

    :  so as to encircle or enclose

    :  so as to avoid or get past :  on or to another side of

  1. :  about

    :  being in existence, evidence, or circulation

  1. :  shrub

    :  a low densely branched shrub

    :  a close thicket of shrubs suggesting a single plant

  1. :  to support, mark, or protect with bushes

    :  to extend like a bush :  resemble a bush

  1. :  having a low-growing compact bushy habit

    :  serving, occurring in, or used in the bush

  1. :  bushing

  1. :  falling below acceptable standards :  unprofessional

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to dishevel or rumple

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