Word of the Day : October 19, 2021


noun NOH-mun-klay-cher

What It Means

Nomenclature is most often used for a system of names for things, especially in science.

// Starting a new job or entering a new field of study means becoming familiar with the nomenclature.

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nomenclature in Context

"Not everything called democracy is democratic. … Both capitalism and socialism have demonstrated that democracy is not automatic with nomenclature. Some policies promote democracy; others contradict the ideal." — Eugene Clemens, LNP (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), 18 Oct. 2021

Did You Know?

Nomenclature comes from a Latin word meaning "the assigning of names." English's name and noun are rooted in the Latinate nomen.


Fill in the blanks to complete a general word for a person's last name: co _ n _ _ e _. (Today's "Did You Know?" provides a useful hint.)



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