Weekly Vocabulary Words for Kids April 26

Increase your child's vocabulary with this list.

  1. abet | see definition»

    to help, encourage, or support someone in a criminal act

  2. appall | see definition»

    to cause to feel shock, horror, or disgust

  3. corollary | see definition»

    something that naturally follows or results from another thing

  4. excavate | see definition»

    to expose to view by digging away a covering

  5. exonerate | see definition»

    to prove that someone is not guilty of a crime or responsible for a problem, bad situation, etc.

  6. luminous | see definition»

    producing or seeming to produce light

  7. shrewd | see definition»

    showing quick practical cleverness; also : marked by clever dealing that takes advantage

  8. wallop | see definition»

    a hard blow

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