Weekly Vocabulary Words for Kids April 12

Increase your child's vocabulary with this list.

  1. fickle | see definition»

    changing often : not reliable

  2. impasse | see definition»

    a situation in which no progress seems possible

  3. intercede | see definition»

    to try to help settle differences between unfriendly individuals or groups

  4. linger | see definition»

    to continue to exist as time passes

  5. modulate | see definition»

    to change the sound of (your voice) by making it quieter, higher, lower, etc.

  6. potential | see definition»

    existing as a possibility : capable of becoming real

  7. procrastinate | see definition»

    to keep putting off something that should be done

  8. rival | see definition»

    someone or something that tries to defeat or be more successful than another

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