The Wild Robot by Peter Brown, Vocabulary List Chapter 26-37

The Wild Robot Vocabulary List

  1. astonished | see definition»

    feeling or showing great surprise or wonder

    But what most astonished Mr. Beaver was that Roz and Brightbill were huddled around a small crackling campfire.

  2. burrow | see definition»

    to proceed by or as if by digging

    She asked her burrowing friends, the moles and the groundhogs, to dig through the dirt and loosen the soil.

  3. constant | see definition»

    remaining steady and unchanged

    Proof that the beavers needed a constant supply of wood.

  4. defend | see definition»

    to protect from danger or attack

    You might expect a creature under attack to run for her life, or to defend herself, or at the very least to scream.

  5. demeanor | see definition»

    outward manner or behavior

    Roz's friendly demeanor needed some work, but it was a start.

  6. escort | see definition»

    to accompany someone to protect or show courtesy

    Loudwing escorted Brightbill back to the beach, and a minute later the gosling as in his mother's arms, safe and sound.

  7. fertilize | see definition»

    to make (soil, land, etc.) richer and better able to support plant growth by adding chemicals or a natural substance (such as manure)

    Once the grounds were fertilized,it was time for the plants.

  8. graze | see definition»

    to eat grass

    "Oh Roz, you've been busy!" said Tawny as her family grazed on the wonderland of growing things.

  9. gruff | see definition»

    rough in speech or manner

    "He's a little gruff at times."

  10. ignite | see definition»

    to set on fire : LIGHT

    "I directed sparks onto dry leaves and wood until they ignited."

  11. incident | see definition»

    an often unimportant happening that may form a part of a larger event

    Brightbill soon forgot about the incident with Rockmouth.

  12. insist | see definition»

    to make a demand

    "I'm afraid I must insist!" said Mr. Beaver.

  13. level | see definition»

    having a flat even surface

    "And you can smooth down this patch of dirt so we have a level place to build."

  14. lurch | see definition»

    to move with a sudden swaying, tipping, or jerking motion

    Her body lurched forward and then backward, again and again, as she struggled to make a decision.

  15. meander | see definition»

    to walk slowly without a specific goal, purpose, or direction

    Together they loved meandering along the forest paths and around the banks of the pond.

  16. mimic | see definition»

    to imitate very closely

    "You are a marsupial, and are nocturnal, and are known for mimicking the appearance and smell of dead animals when threatened."

  17. pamper | see definition»

    to treat (someone or something) with great care and attention

    "But don't pamper him too much."

  18. peer | see definition»

    to look curiously or carefully

    Roz peered down from the branches and saw weeds rustling in the moonlight.

  19. pounce | see definition»

    to suddenly jump toward and seize something with or as if with claws

    But when the badger pounced, this creature just rolled onto her back, stuck out her tongue, and died.

  20. scurry | see definition»

    to move quickly

    A small squirrel was scurrying through the garden.

  21. strategy | see definition»

    a carefully developed plan or method for achieving a goal or the skill in developing and undertaking such a plan or method

    Performing could be a survival strategy!

  22. surround | see definition»

    to enclose on all sides : ENCIRCLE

    He lay quietly in his nest with his eyes closed, surrounded by chips of broken shell.

  23. tranquil | see definition»

    free from disturbance or turmoil

    One moment everything was tranquil.

  24. triumphant | see definition»

    celebrating victory of success

    The opossum went on and on about her various acting methods and her triumphant performances, and our robot absorbed every word.

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